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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 1, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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note. futures trading is predicting as much as a 70 point loss at the opening bell. >> the "early show" is next and they have advice on finding end of summer travel bargains. a and advice on ways to avoid the charges when you travel. fighting fire with fire and losing. the deadly california blazes rage on destroying more than 100 homes and threatening thousands more. >> this is a very angry fire that we're fighting right now. >> we'll take you inside the inferno. a bone fragment found near the home of the man charged with kidnapping jaycee lee dugard. >> a little while ago, shall cadaver dogs from the sheriff's department were brought into look at those areas. >> we'll hear from the kidnapper's ex-wife about their nightmarish relationship and the family of another kidnapped victim shares their story. breaking news this morning.
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a new report by the top u.s. general in afghanistan says the war there is serious and may require a major buildup of troopses. we'll bring you the latest. and the miraculous caught on tape story of a skydiver and his death defying 10,000 foot fwlunk without working parachute. early this tuesday morning, without working parachute. early this tuesday morning, september 1st, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good tuesday morning. i'm julie chen in los angeles. harry smith and maggie rodriguez is in new york. >> good morning. we're watching the fires out some your neck of the woods very closely and we want to bring you up to date right off the top, at least 12 are burning throughout the state of california this morning. more than 100 homes have been destroyed and thousands of others are threatened as we speak.
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and nearly 3700ig firefhters now are battling the massive lesoirta-cal sdtion s fire whic searches ever closer to los angeles. sandra hughes will bring us up-to-date. >> reporter: good morning. well, that so-called station fire in the los angeles foothills is the largest fire burning this morning. so tar 165 square miles is burning. and 53 homes have burned so far this morning -- so far in the fire including this home behind me where all you can see really are the charred remains of these cars and a few walls from someone's dream home. >> these are not -- >> reporter: this is a massive fire that won't quit showing little signses of slowing. overnight a sea of insatiable flames churned through the brush threatening some 12,000 homes. >> this is a very angry fire
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that we're fighting right now. >> reporter: crews lit backfires hoping to turn the blaze back on telephone. hundreds of homes have been saved, but not all. >> oh, look, the nativity set from xmts. >> reporter: for this family, their worst fear were realized. nearly two dozen home, virtually their entire canyon neighborhood, wiped out. >> a beautiful lays to raise kids. the saddest thing is that, you know, that era is over. >> we worked real hard to make this a pretty neat place. >> reporter: fire officials are still astounded at how fast and how huge this fire has become, burning an area larger than the cities of san francisco and las vegas combined. >> this is a dangerous firefight, treacherous and we will not rest up it's out. >> reporter: so dangerous that officials are lashing out at those who refuse orders to get out. >> had this is a mandatory
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vkation order. >> it will be possibly suicide if people stay in some of these areas. >> reporter: now, while this is the largest fire here in los angeles, it has not been the most destructive so far. a fire burning northeast of sack are a men take called the auburn fire has destroyed 60 homes. dave? >> all right, sandra hughes. let's take a look at see what will be happening throughout mess several days and the firefight continues. light winds, but that's deceiving baut heat is so strong it creates its own wind storm in many locationses which is what makes it so unpredictable. it remains dry with temperatures 95 to 100 degrees. right along the shore line, you may see some low clouds or fog in the morning. that dissipates during the day and that high heat continues and it looks like we'll wait up the end of the week, possibly late thursday into friday, for maybe a little bit of moisture, that tropical or system beginning to work its way to the california baja to provide some relief and
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temperatures to on drop. it will be a very dangerous two days at least ahead. julie, we'll accepted it out to you and we'll see you with more on the hurricane affecting the west. there are disturbing new developments in the kidnapping case of jaycee dugard. hattie cause of sman in aunt york with the very latest on this case. >> reporter: good morning. we have a bird's eye view. you can look down and see where jaycee was imprisoned. actually if you start over here, you'll see garrido's house and the fake backyard, it goes back a little ways and there's a fence and trees and then a second backyard where those tarps are, that's where the sheds are that held jaycee and her girls. and you can also notice the canopy of trees around that also obscured them. we have a lot to get to this morning p we also have the first pictures of jaycee daughters. it was taken at a birthday party. gpparently garrido beganakycin the girls out just days before
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the whole thing came an rthe w he took them to berkeley. also new court documents from his 1977 kidnapping conviction portray a man who walked the streets learing at girls as young as seven years old. and finally back here at the investigation site, police have discovered new and disturbing evidence. last night as investigators condition cluded their search, they came up with a gruesome discovery. >> one bone fragment was found, it was found on the neighbor's property. >> reporter: the bone has not yet been identified as human or animal and now other women from phillip garrido's fast are coming forward. christine and phillip were high school sweethearts. in 1973 at age 19, they eloaned. she says life quickly became a night hair. >> he started getting controlling, he started hitting me, and he just would tell knee on grow up. >> reporter: four years into
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their marriage, garrido was sentenced to 50 years in prison for kidnapping and raping katie callaway hall at a storage facility. >> he that had set up to keep someone for a while. >> reporter: meanwhile police continue to hunt for clues that might link garrido to other murders in the area. >> this was the week before she died. >> reporter: 66-year-old mini's daughter was 15 when she was killed. she says a homicide detective has now contacted her about her daughter's 1998 slaying and a possible connection to garrido. >> he said i'm here to tell you that he's a man of interest. i feel like my daughter really can't rest up we find out who did it. >> reporter: mike's daughter disappeared over 20 years ago. jaycee's story hits close home. >> how two people could live together in one house knowing that they are abusing someone
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else's child is unconsentsable to me. >> reporter: yet jaycee's safe return is it provide comfort to a family that even after 20 years still keep as light on by the door. >> we leave the lights on for her, outside lights all thit in case she comes home during the night. >> reporter: back here at the prison in the backyard, you can see the tarp not only were there sheds, but lrp tarps connecting them, so if the kids went from one place to the other, they still would not be seen outside. if we pull the camera out, you you can see the neighbor's yard, this is actually a property that garrido was a caretaker for a number of years and it is here that the bone fragment was found. back to you in new york or julie. >> thanks a lot. hattie kaufman reporting live. ing joining us now is cheyvonne, who recently hosted a birthday party with jaycee's young daughters attending.
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you've known phillip garrido for the last it ten years because of business dealings. how well would you say that you would know him and his family in. >> about the best that you would know most of our vendors. i met his daughters, i watched them grow up. >> first describe if me how you would describe phil garrido as a person. >> he was very nice and polite. he did business, you know, amicably. he came in, he took our orders, normal business person. >> what about jaycee some you saw her over the years. >> she was the graphic artist. if we had a problem or new designer, she had an idea, most of the contact came through him, but you could always call her at any time or e-mail her. >> what was she like? >> just your normal 20-year-old. >> what about the two youou daughters that she had ages 11 and 15 that police say were fathered by phillip garrido?
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they were just at your house two weeks ago for your daughter's 16th birthday. >> they were at the -- they attended my daughter's party as with some of our other vendors' kids. everyone was invited. we got to see them more and moreover the summertime three or four times a week. >> how would you describe these girls? >> they were very nice and polite. they'd come out and deliver water on 102 degree weather days with their dad, stay about 10, 15 minutes and go to the theks location. >> their dad took them home early from your party. how come? >> we had a family and then we had a kids. so he came in about 7:00 to help, they stayed about 9:30, 10:00. and then as the older kids got to dancing more, because his 11-year-old was aere,ot l of my friends took their kids about 9:30, 10:00, as he did, he dropped them off, he picked them up. >> what was the interaction like between these two girls and phillip in. >>wis he a tth ptureics as withe
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being shown, they interacted just like the rest of the kids. >> what i'm trying to get at here, the berkeley police officer, one of the red flags was that she said these two girls abilitiescted robotic, no your average 11-year-old or 15-year-old. >> that's very inaccurate. i saw the kids 30 minutes after they left berkeley and t-shirts and shorts and jeanses. they weren't in the "little house on the prairie" as she quoted outfits. he went it turn in his paperwork, she did catch something. >> that about the wife, in an 1i, what is she like? >> i feel that she's probably even more responsibility than he is. we know that head h suserio problems. wenoer wthat. everyone has said ty'veve alwas itought something was wrg wh him. but forer tgoo go along with this, i feel like she might even be the mastermind behind this. >> you say that everyone thought he had serious problems. what were the sign sms. >> they said that he had had an accident before.
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i can't say -- sometimes he'd go around singing. he'd say jesus loves you, but then there are a lot of people that talk about their religion. there weren't any signs that he was abnormal up the day he decided let us know what his secret was. >> which was is this. >> that he had taken jaycee 18 years earlier. >> when he revealed it. so why do you think nancy, t wife, was the mastermind in. >> he was in jail for on four months, so she had plenty -- an opportunity to get away, you know, let jaycee go free, let the girls go free, just walk away into society and not even -- she could have been a victim, but now she's also implicated in doing so. >> your reaction when you heard this news? >> we were shocked. i'm still shocked. i go to sleep at night and then i wake up and i remember you can oh, my gosh, i forgot, we're still dealing with this. it's hard to forget. >> cheyvonne molino, we thank
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you for coming this. let's head back to new york now and check in with dave price if a lo at the weather. we'll start out with hurricane jimena, winds sustained just under 155 miles an hour, a category 4 storm. let's put the map into motion and talk about what may happen. cab bow stand lucas, we're very earned in tonight and tomorrow, 10 to 12 foot storm surges and hurricane portion winds which extend 45 miles from this storm's eye. and of course as we take a look at tropical storm winds, those extend another 145 miles from the storm's eye. so this is going to wallop this peninsula right now, hopefully slowly as the map changes work its way up and if there is any positive here, it's that some moisture will roll into southern california towards the end of the week helping firefighters. but that is not going to be immediate. as we take a look at the rest. country, of course some
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scattered showers in the central plains and in portions of the southeast. rest of the country looks relatively good. and a danger as we take a look at the that's a quick look at your weather picture. we'll watch jimena, we'll watch the fire situation, but those are two major headlines this morning. everything is out west. >> thanks very much, dave. up next, is the u.s. changing their plans in afghanistan?
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we'll bring you the latest on the deadly conflict there. also ahead, shawna hornbeck was kidnapped as a child, found years later. we'll talk to his parents about how he's recovered and the skydiver who fell 10,000 feet and lived to tell about it when we come back. when morning comes in the middle of the night, [ rooster crow ] it affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly... to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, sleepwalking, and eating or driving... while not fully awake with memory loss for the event... as well as abnormal behaviors... such as being more ogoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and hallucinations may occur. don't take it with alcohol... as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur... and in rare cases may be fatal.
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what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc. the situation in afghanistan appears to be at a tipping point both politically and on the ground. the top u.s. commander is calling for a new strategy to defeat the taliban. and a new cbs news poll finds americans would also like change. joining us there washington is stephen biddle, senior fellow for defense policy at the council on foreign relations. between morning. >> good morning. >> the absolute details of the report are still secret, but general mcchrystal basically says the situation in afghanistan is serious, demands
7:19 am
a revised implementation strategy, commitment and resolve and increased unity of effort. what will it take for u.s. and nato forces to succeed? afghanistan? >> well, i think it will take progress both with respect to security, protecting the population from the insurgency, but also with respect to improving governance in afghanistan. the two are both required. if we fail on either of those frnts, i think we'll fail at the effort at large. >> we have poured thousands more troops in to the country. there are reports in several new papers this morning that will may need to be as many as 40,000 more troops on the ground. would that make the difference? >> well, counter insurgency is usually considered to be a very labor intensive form of warfare. the hardest success in failure is whether or not you can protect the population especially in a place like afghanistan where the pop slags spread out. that require as lot of people to provide visible security to
7:20 am
convince civilians in the area that they can afford that they'll survive the exercise of telling us who the insurgents are, that require as lot of people. >> and one of the things you mentioned about this local governance, we ran a story last night on the evening news about these people who allegedly planted the ied that killed the u.s. soldier and then injured cami mccormick, one of our reporters. one of the guys on his cell phone has up 1/2 of the minister of defense and the ministry of defense says you have the wrong guy. is it that corrupt? >> well, the whole problem in koupts ter insurgency is that the in-sur gintss are trying, a, to conceal themselves from us so we don't mow who they are and, b, to infiltrate as much of the government and the society as they can. so there's a set of interconnected problems in afghanistan having to do with penetration of insurgents in to the society and with questions of corruption in the government itself that are more criminal in nature than insurgent.
7:21 am
it's all interconnected. >> this sounds like afghanistan will require a surge similar to the surge that happened in iraq a couple of years ago. do you think the political will exists in the united states to support such a surge? >> i think it will be a very hard sell. the american public had mostly forgotten about afghanistan when the war in iraq was as beintens as it became. they've now rediscovered the war and what's been happening is the public has returned to the question of afghanistan, support for the war has been falling. i think it's very important if support is going to be maintained that the current security trends in the country reverse over the course of the next year or so. >> stephen biddle, thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of the early show oig is sponsored by hersheys. what makes a hershey's war pure in pure delicious hur shall i's chocolate.
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welcome back to "the early show." and welcome to september. september already and we are feeling it in the air where we are. >> cool and brilliant and awesome outside. good morning, julie. >> not here because of the fire. >> that's for sure. >> triple digits. >> one of the most amazing pictures yesterday, they showed pictures from denver, the smoke from those fires in los angeles reached all the way to the front range of the rockies 900 miles
7:31 am
away. talk about lucky to be alive, we'll be telling you but a skydiver who cheated death. he fell from 10,000 feet, none of his parachutes worked correctly and lucky for him had, he hit one thing that, no pun intended, broke his fall in a good way. we'll hear from him about n. just a minute. also health officials are predicting the h1n1 virus will inspect millions this fall. one school is already taking drastic measures to make sure their students don't get sick. we'll tell you what they're doing and if it's the right thing to do. but first, the kidnapping of jaycee lee dugard brings to mind the case of shawn hornbeck. he's the missouri boy who was kidnapped back in 2002 at the age of 11 and was found 4 1/2 years later living with his cap tore. >> i've lived two lives. i had to start over again from when i was kidnapped. that life's gone, so i'm picking up this life again.
7:32 am
>> joining us now are shawn's parents. good morning. i'm so curious to mow what his reaction was when he heard about jaycee's story. >> he was originally at school when all the news broke, so when he got home, that was the first thing i had told him and he actually stat down in a chair and just said, wow, wow, and then he said, you know, mom, that just foes to prove what you and dad keep preaching that there's a lot more of us out there than people realize. >> craig, do you think he wants to or would be willing to reach out to her? >> gosh, you know, i'm not sure at this point. he's still kind of fearful of putting himself in the spotlight. he's afraid that once he puts himself there that it's going to be hard it to back away from it again. but that is a possibility. it is something we can approach him with. >> pam, what advice do you think he would have for jaycee and her two daughters?
7:33 am
>> i think most importantly is don't blame yourself, don't feel like you've done anything wrong. none of this is your fault. forgive yourself. you know, just try to become the person you were before you were abducted. i mean, i know she's 29 years old now, but she can still get that connect back with her family. >> what was it like in the first days when shawn was home after being away nearly five years? because by all accounts we hear it's just been excruciatingly difficult for jaycee and those girls. they have psychologists with them around the clock and it's tough. >> it's extremely tough. for the victim, shawn says he thoou we all had a bunch of questions and did want know how to t. answer them, and for us, we did have all the questions that the general public and everyone else is having, but we've learned that you just didn't ask some questions. you let the victim be comfortable enough to talk to you when they're ready and that
7:34 am
could depend on who the person is. >> besides that, craig, do you have any advice that you would offer to jaycee's mother right now? >> first of all to make sure that jaycee understands that you love her and the children unconditionally, no vink strings attached. for matter what wept nt on, i'l always be here for you. and to take things very, very slow. just one baby step at a time. you can't get to the bottom of this overnight. it took 18 years to get to where they're at. it's going to take time to recover. >> now that you've had shawn back with you almost three rears actually, how is he do sthg. >> he's doing absolutely wonderful. craig and i have talked often about how amazing, if somebody met shawn on the street and didn't know the ordeal he'd gone through, you would never guess it. he has become the typical 18-year-old and we are so proud of him. >> does he still talk about it
7:35 am
at all? >> he doesn't it talk about the bad things. from time to time it's more the area, he'll mention this is where i skateboarded at or this is where i rode my bike. but other than that, that's really all about what he says. >> so you can get back to a normal would you say 100% normal life, craig? >> absolutely. it is possible. it can happen. it's just going to take time and a lot of love. there's no rush. everyone will be there. so take your time and it can happen. >> what does shawn feel towards his kidnapper >> >> as far as we know, a great deal of disgust, disdain. he's very happy that it will be physically impossible for his abdu abduct or to ever be in a position to do this to anyone else.
7:36 am
>> was it always like it or had he bonlded with his captor, pam? >> i think had bonded somewhat with him only because he was his shelter, he was his food, he depended on him so much. but once he knew that he was safe and that it was okay to speak honestly about how he felt, all of those feelings went away. they went completely away. it turned more towards you would think he would feel. >> he's such an inspiration and i'm sure it's a big credit to you and your you love and guidance. thank you very much. >> thank you. and we want to let you know that on saturday, september 12th, you can watch a special edition of 48 hours, kidnapped, shawn hornbeck's incredible story. let's check in with dave, he's got a look at the weather. good morning. busy on the weather maps and not particularly throughout the continental u.s., but let's note that it's amazing what happens when the calendar changes. cool temperatures stretching from the great lakes through the ohio valley into the northeast. temperatures in the 40s and 50s.
7:37 am
about 35 degrees this morning in saranac lake. now, let's go to where the news is and that's all out west right now, taking a look at the fires which are burning, winds not changing, high heat continues inland and we're waiting for that moisture to roll in and temperatures to drop towards the end of the week. now let's go and take a look at the satellite or ray lar loop. let me mauf and you can see a much better glimpse of it. california baja, cabo san lucas, 155-mile-an-hour winds, a strong category 4. and the hurricane warning in effect as you take a look at the southern tip of that peninsula. we'll continue to watch that. that's a quick look at our
7:38 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. keep in mind fires not only burning in southern california but around the sacramento area, as well. and firefighters about 3700 of them at this point battling these blazes, still not under control, particularly the station fire in southern california. all right. squully, we'll send it back out to you. watch that air quality. >> absolutely. thanks a lot. up next, the remarkable story of a skydiver who cheated death. we'll tell you how he survived a fall from 10,000 feet without a working parachute. this is "the early show" on cbs. in the time it takes you to watch a bad reality show, you can learn to switch off hungry and lose weight. right now weight watchers is offering a whole month free.
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y a british skydiver is counting his blessings this morning. nearly everything that could go wrong during his last jump did and he still survived. cbs's richard ross is in london with the remarkable story.
7:42 am
good morning. >> reporter: if if you're the arm chaired adventure you are who's ever contemplated skydiving, it may be the story that will keep you statisticing down. paul lewis said he's made 660 jumps by the middle of august when he was in the air for a british skydiving club. it was his job to record a souvenir video for a novice jumper with the camera mounted on his helmet. as these things go, the first 10 seconds of his trip were just fine. >> unfortunately when i deployed my main parachute, things went horribly wrong. a skydiver always knows especially if they took the same canopy where whether the opening felt right or wrong and mine felt awful. >> reporter: the main parachute hadn't fully deployed. he cut it free and falling fast, he deployed his reserve parachute, which also failed to properly unfold. >> i looked up at my canopy, closed my eyes and very, very calmly thought to myself it's
7:43 am
all over. >> reporter: with to control over his decent and just limited braking pow, lewis says he blacked out. so we'll tell you his reserve chute luckily guided him to a hard landing on a relatively flexible metal roof, with neck and arm injury, but no broken bones. but he says it was his last jump. >> i just feel if i jump again, i'm pushing that luck too far. >> reporter: so what went wrong? who knows? in what sounds like another bit of advice to armed chair adventurers, lewis simply says there are so many things that can go wrong and one of them did did. evidently. harry? >> richard, thank you. up next, one school is banning touching in an attempt to halt the stred spread of the h1n1 virus this school year. we'll talk about that and more when we come back. ant food...
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in smorng's "health watch," the h1n1 virus, a white house report suggests that up to 50% of americanss could catch the virus killing as many as 90,000. one school on new york's long island isn't taking any chances. it's not allowing students to touch each other. no chest bumpses, no handshakes, not even high fives on the football field. here with some advice on what you can and should or shouldn't do, dr. jennifer ashton. i'm going to on go back it that white house number because there's controversy about that. what are we to believe? >> those numbers were not predictions, they were used to plan for this coming winter. >> in a worst case scenario. >> and they're based on computer models. so it's frightening, but we have to future it into context. >> the report in the new york papers yesterday said as manies as 800,000 people, one in 10
7:48 am
practically, fewer than 100 people died. if this virus that we talk about every day is as benign as it seems to be, should we be making as big a deal as we are? >> well, from apinfectious disease standpoint, the answer is possibly yes because takes new strain and it is very readily transmittable. but we have to put the number of potential cases in the denominator of a fraction which is potentially half the u.s. population, and in the numerator would go the severe cases or potentially deaths. the larger the bottom number gets, the larger the top number will get also unfortunately. statistically it's not very likely, but if it happens to you, it's a real thing. >> and it is a real thing and it's something we should be paying attention to. the schools, we did the story yesterday about the colleges with the 100s of kids. and the schools out in long island say don't touch your neighbor. >> it's not that realistic, but, again, prevention is key.
7:49 am
in georgia we saw some students wearing face masks and the cdc actually did leave that as an option more it to protect others if you yourself are sick, but these n-95 masks if you can't avoid close contact can potentially be helpful, but there's a lot of controversy about their use. some people think it makes you more at risk because you'll be touching your face and moving that mask around. so, again, basic things apply. you want to wash your hand, stay home if sick, and try to limit the contact. >> and we'll talk to you about this all again tomorrow. doctor, thanks so much. we'll be right back. >> announcer: cbthhehealth watch," sponsored by america's milk processors. got milk some 9
7:50 am
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a deadly ring of fire in california threatens thousands of homes and residents. we'll tell why you firefighters are having such a tough time battling the raging inferno. prosecutors call it a very tragic incident. but the wife of a a man who was slammed into a wall by a sheriff's deputy fracturing his skull thinks it was brutal and outrageous. we'll speak with her exclusively. and before you book your next trip, you'll want to hear our hot tips on travel bargains, "early" this tuesday morning, september 1st, 2009.
8:01 am
women come welcome back to "the early show" on this tuesday morning. good morning again, guys. >> a big crowd out here. >> it's cool. cold almost. >> it's refreshing. >> is it in the cool? >> it's cool to be out here. yeah, it's awesome. l.a., of course we're talking about temperatures inland approaching over 100 degrees, so tough stuff out there. >> we have a lot coming up for you here in this hour. you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true? they usually are. and this morning we'll reveal some bogus bargains, tell you if it's really a good idea to sign up for things like extended warranties, to bundle your long distance with your local, to get credit cards that offer reward miles. maybe not. also coming up, the daughter of the reverend billy graham is
8:02 am
here, anne graham lotz will tell us about her new book called the magnificence obsession. >> why is it that when each of you mention the word bow gus you turn towards me? >> you have issues. we didn't even look at you. >> yes, you did. and not only did did you that you went bogus. we'll talk about that as we-let's say hello to jeff glor standing by at the news desk. good morning, everyone. fire officials this morning say it could take weeks to fully contain the larpgest wildfire burning in california. that fire, the station fire, is one of at least 12 burning in the state right now. randy page of our los angeles station kcbs is in the middle of a flare-up this morning. >> reporter: where in the area about 35 miles northeast of los angeles and the fire line has come done to these neighborhoods. the flames are licking very close to the homes. these are about 30 or 40 foot flames.
8:03 am
we've been watching it all morning long as it marches down toward these many homes in this neighborhood. there are structure protections, firefighters here with fire engines and they are preparing now to actually battle this fire and they expect the fire should be here within about an hour. randy page for cbs news. >> now for a look at what the wildfires have left behind, let's join sandra hughes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, it's still smoldering here on this property where the fire just raceed through in the much left except walls and everything else reduced to ash. we did find kitchen utensils, a coffee mug which is sort of broken here, burned out car, but take a look at this. this is melted aluminum from the car. look at that. this giveses you an indicator of how hot the fire was when it
8:04 am
came through here. now, of the 53 homes destroyed, most are in this area. what we have right now, 165 square miles burned. yesterday three people were burned pretty badly when they ignored an order to evacuate and officials to tell you the truth are getting pretty angry about people ignoring these order it is evacuate because they say they're putting themselves in danger and they're putting the officials in danger, too, because they just have to go in and try to rescue you and you can see here this is an example of what happens. the fire just is moving so quickly through these areas, so they're saying if you're ordered to evacuate, you must do so. jeff, back to you. >> sandra hughes, thank you. the top commandner afghanistan has a new battle plan that might require sending more u.s. troops, but many americans are unhappy with the war's progress. bill plante has more on that this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:05 am
that's right, there's a new cbs news poll out this morning that shows that public support for the war this afghanistan continues to fall. >> protect them from violence -- >> reporter: general stanley mcchrystal says the situation is serious and he may request more troops. in the latest cbs news poll, over half of americans believe the war in afghanistan is going badly and just 37% say it's going well. >> we're not going to see the entire thing turn around in a few months after years and years of neglect. >> reporter: but there are many obstacles including perhaps the afghan government itself. last week a roadside bomb killed one u.s. soldier and seriously wounded cbs radio reporter cami mccormick. this that brings the death toll for august for-to-49. the army arrested three suspects. >> do you know who did it? >> yes, sir, we do. we know exactly who did it. >> reporter: one of the suspects had a cell phone with a number to the ministry of defense and a letter from the ministry said they'd arrested the wrong man.
8:06 am
the three suspects are still in custody, but the fact that the afghan government tried to get one of them freed seriously disturbs u.s. officials. >> bill plante, thank you. we'll head back outside right now. mr. dave price is standing by on the plaza. a bit cool out there, dave >> it's cool, but it's nice. it's amazing. we flip the calendar to september and the temperatures drop. got a great crowd out here doing really neat things and we say hello to everyone in could non rapids, iowa. i asked this woman where is that? she said it's in the united states. >> do you want to be more specific? >> midwest. >> thank you. i love playing geography with you. stick around. all sorts of great folks. want to say hello to the united states burn support organization for all the great work they do. of course we have people from the gym my fund here. on september 13th, 8 thurks walkers from around the country will take part in thes about ton marathon and raise more than $6 million for cancer and research.
8:07 am
thank you. let's take a check on the weather picture, see what's happening all across the country right now. talk about the serious situation out west that we heard about in the newscast. light winds continue. this is not a wind driven fire so much, but keep in mind with the high heat associated with it, you have your own weather system -- your own wind systems fanning those flames in some locations just generated by the heat. we're talking about a day or two at least more of 100 degree temperatures inland, 90 to 100 degree temperatures, some morning fog, but that's really in the going to help significantly until hopefully we get some moisture which will be a remnant from hurricane jimena right now, which is going to affect places like cabo san lucas, winds close to 155 miles an hour right now, a strong category 4, approaching a category 5. scattered showers as you head to the central plain states and the southeast. much of the rest of the country good and here in the northeast and ohio valley and midwest, talking about nice cool conditions.
8:08 am
that's a quick look at the >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by kell willing's special k products. that's a quick look at your weather picture. maggie, we will send it back to you. beware, a lot of supposed bargains out there are bogus. we'll steer you clear of bad des when we come back here on "the early show" on cbs.
8:09 am
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you are, i am, everybody is looking for a bargain, but consumers have to watch out for raw deals with hidden costs. here to explain is jill schlesing schlesinger, editor at large for good morning. welcome back from vacation. we missed you. very color coordinated with our screen. we'll show people some of the most bogus deals out there. number one, a lot of people go for this, up limited long distance. >> and is this a rotten deal if you make a lot of calls from your cell phone or you don't actually make a lot of long distance calls. so there's some fantastic alternatives. >> are you referring it to when you get your local and long distance together for one bryce. >> and they tease you they say unlimited long dance, but what if you didn't make a lot of long distance calls. ands most of the younger people are making calls from their cell phones, so this is often a bad deal for people. >> let's look at the better
8:13 am
deal. >> the thing is that there are things called service resellers. they buy long distance from the big guys, then they sell it to you, they resell it to you cheaper, pretty much the same service. so that's a great deal. the other thing is you might want to look at the internet phone service, voice over internet protocol. i just said that to sound smart. and what it does is it gives you access to phones wherever you have a stable internet connection. we cheap, very good deal. this is a better alternative. >> i was reading that unlimited long distance can run something like 17 cent as minute versus two cents a minute. >> that's right. >> so we want to you look at how you're using your services and then choose the deal for you. >> number two, bad deal, to not sign up for fraud alerts on your credit card. i in the with i.d. theft being such a problem, this would be a good thing. >> you would think so. what we found was that when people sign up for these types of alerts, it prevents them from opening new accounts. it can be very cumbersome.
8:14 am
so who should sign up for it? if you've gotten your identity stolen or credit card stolen, yes, absolutely this makes sense. but for the vast majority of people, this is really not necessary. costly and it's a pain in the neck. >> let's see the better deal. >> this i hate to do it, but do it yourself. and this just means you check your checking, savings statements. your your debit card. you look at your credit card. every single month, check those statements. any unauthorized bills, you're going to see it before anyone else will. that's the way to really save money. and it's free. >> number three bad deal, you say credit cards that offer frequent flyer miles. i have to disagree. i just went to greece on my miles and it was pretty nice. >> it is a good deal, but the deal is getting worse. so these are getting -- this is like inflation because it's really you're getting less for the same amount of miles, right? it costs more mile, if cost more miles to upgrade, more blackout periods. so you say -- a lot of people will pay money for a card that
8:15 am
givens them these rewards. so a lot of times you're not getting that much when you look at the end of the day. are you really using those miles. maybe someone like who you travels a ton, it works. but the reality is that it may not make sense for ms people. >> what eat better deal? >> cash is king. the cash rewards card, my neighbor came out -- >> i didn't know there was such a thing. >> and there are and they give you some percentage of what you spend. so instead of getting a frequent flyer mile, you might get a nickel for every dollar that you spend. cash in your pocket. >> all right. i know you have a few more tips. we'll put them on line because we're out of time for today. thank you. go to early and see all of the bogus bargains and jill's better deals. coming up next, more bargain information if you're looking for a great deal on travel. we'll show you where the discounts are here on "the early show." b@cbhey, you made your own lunch.
8:16 am
yep! look in your bag, made you something. (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. choosey moms, choose jif.
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8:18 am
if you are planning a trip, there are various ways to save money. but you have to know where the discounts are and how to ask for them. our consumer correspondent susan company p coeppen is here with priceless advice. >> never take the first price that's given to you. if you're booking a rental car, booking a hotel, you have to be asking about discounts. they'll give and you price, but after they give that you first price, you have to ask for specific discounts. so things like aaa, aarp, sam's club even. >> you need to have those cards in hand. let's take an example of a hotel room and show us how we can save some money. >> so the hotel i looked some to
8:19 am
was a hilton in boston and i just asked for an average size room, king sized we had. the regular rate we were given was $220. but then we asked for the aaa, it went down to $209. we asked for the aarp discounts, went down to $171, but online, they also had another discount if you were willing to prepay, you knew that you were going to stay there, you were all set in stone, if you prepaid, you got it if on $160. >> save 60 bucks. >> just by asking for the different discounts. >> aaa was pretty good, but the aarp was really just amazing. >> and if you belong to these clubs already, use them. >> and another one, we've got a great hotel room saving all kinds of money. how do we save on the ren ittal car? >> we went to hertz,s about ton logan arc compact car, the regular price was $195. we asked for aarp discount, it went to $187. sam's club discount went down to $180. aaa down to $170 and then the
8:20 am
online prepay, you know you'll do it, $160. >> because in this one, the aaa is a better discount. i suppose it's automobile club of america. >> it's really kind of whacky. i do this all the time in my own personal life, and something they should keep in mind, when you call, it don't be afraid to call back a week later or a month later before your trip and say, hey, did it go down even further. >> and about airlines, are there any -- >> it's hard when it comes it airlines. you're not going to get a lot of luck when you're on the again saying can i get a better ticket price, but what some do is something called status matching. so if you are a preferred flyer, you have silver status, gold status, if you can show that you are silver or whatever status on one airline with a statement or something, you can get that matched by other airlines. now, that comes in handy. why? because airlines are charging for bags now, so most people are carrying on, so you get on to
8:21 am
the plane faster if you have status. and you also get those fees waved a lot of times for your baggage. >> and they give you the free air then, too. >> free air. >> okay. susan, thank you so much. for more on travel bargains, go to our website, now here's maggie. i have some really great economic news to share with all of you. did you know that the mui is showing signs that the recession is ending? >> the mui. mr. what is the mui? >> the men's understand wear index. have you ever heard of such a thing? it's a real thing. >> okay. >> let me tell you the story briefly. ha-ha. usually underwear sales are stable because it's considered a necessity. so men buy them all the time. but when the economy, and alan greenspan said this, it's not just me had-of. >> hang on. alan greenspan is the guy who sits for hours in a bathtub even
8:22 am
when the water cools. what do you read from that? >> it actually makes sense because men buy underwear because they need it, but when the economy starts to go sour, they figure understand wear doesn't show, i'm not going to wooi as much and sales start to decline. so when sales start to come back up as they are ever so gradually according to retailers, it means that things are getting better. >> wow. >> i like it. >> yeah. there's a lot of things -- >> i'm just picturing alan greenspan in the bathtub wondering what color tie he's wearing because i thought what color tie he wore -- >> you're picturing alan greenspan, julie, is just -- >> he said it. >> it's harry's thought, i agree. there are lots of other quirky economic indicators. do you want to hear some of them some. >> sure. >> if the movie theaters are packed, do in the buy stocks yet. figure out why? >> because people are trying to escape from problems. >> ding, ding, ding. it if romance novel sales run,
8:23 am
what is that, good indicator or bad indicator? >> bad indicator. it's not a good -- >> ding, ding, ding. that's it. that's all i got. >> what did you call ( music, toasters popping ) ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪
8:24 am
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how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? old el paso. hard n soft tacos. true genius. mexican style. an amazing crowd out here this morning out on the plaza. >> on the first of september. >> hold your applause for a minute. that is so sad. you just applaud because he told you to? thank you. all right. i feel a little bit better. >> welcome back to "the early show." in this half hour, a young man remains in a coma nearly five
8:31 am
months after he was mistakenly chased down in a criminal situation on the pacific northwest. the incident was caught on tape. and we'll talk to this young man's wife and his attorney. also ahead this morning, anne graham lotz, billy graham's daughter and a well-known religious leader in her own right, she's on a program to speak about her latest book, the magnificent obsession. maggie some. you know what we're obsessed with in the fall. boots. they're back. we'll have a look at everything from ankle booties to thigh high boots and bags to match. >> that's what i want every fall, ankle booties. >> first he puts the visual of alan greenspan and now this. i don't know what's worse. >> it's like a toss up, you know. >> i try. would you like to hear about the weather? >> please do. >> while we walk in this direction and take a check of the maps, lotses to talk about. let's bring up the maps and tell
8:32 am
you what's going on around the country. two major stories both out west at this point. number one, the wildfires which we're dealing with out west. it's not so much a wind-driven fire, but there's extreme heat and tha is creating an untenable situation for on 3700 firefighters there. the high heat remains with temperatures approaching or over the triple digits, 90 to 100 degrees inland, a little cooler than that, could you see morning fog that brings how much and humidity, but that burns off during the day, so we'll watch that. doesn't look like any major relief for the next 24 to 48 hours at least. now we're talking about hurricane jimena, a strong category 4 storm with winds approaching 155 miles an hour miles an hour miles an hour miles an hour. with respect to the rest of the country, tomorrow will be beautiful in the northeast, a little cool, a little change in the south and southwest. and west coast. and as we take a look at the southeast, lingering clouds and showers, but most of the south
8:33 am
and the deep south look good. central united states, central plain, isolated that is a quick look at your weather picture. for more on the hurricane and of course on the situation out west, cbs news tonight with katie couric. harry to you. now for the disturbing story of a 29-year-old man who has been in a coma back in may, 29-year-old christopher harris
8:34 am
was slammed into a wall by a tlerhoen seattle who w mistakenly thought he was involved in a crime. harris suffered permanentinra b damage and has not awoken from his coma yet. reviewed by the sheriff's office found that the can deputy had done nothing illegal, now the harris family has filed a $25 million claim against the county and joining us is harris', wife, sarah, and their attorney. sim osbourne. set up the situation. we see the tape, we see the sheriff's deputy come, shove him to the ground. his head slams against this wall hence his coma. what were the circumstances leading up to this? he was being pursued by the sheriff's deputies? >> that's correct. he was being chased by the sheriff's deputy, but he had stopped and he had put his hands out in front of him and he surrendered. he had been mistakenly identified as someone who may have been involved in an assault. >> but they had chased him for a
8:35 am
couple of blocks? >> that's correct, when he ran into the light. >> is there any way to know why your husband might have been running away? >> no, there's to way of knowing. i mean, no one can get and know what he was thinking that night. the only thing that his family and i can assume is that he didn't know who he was chasing him. it was dark when they first were pursuing him and he ran into a well-lit area, so -- >> the sheriff's department, the property cute tore there basically said he was identified by witnesses to officers as a suspect in a violence crime, he ran for several blocks, after he was told to top by uniform officers. the deputy used standard takedown procedure as a result. no criminal charges will be filed. from looking at what you've seen, do you feel like the
8:36 am
prosecuting attorney there has done the right thing? >> i'm not sure that the prosecutor had all the evidence, but whether or not they decided to bring a criminal charge, what they did to on christopher was absolutely unnecessary. you can look at the video and that video speaks for itself. he was giving up. he was telling people and there are witnesses that said i didn't take anything, i didn't steal anything, and i don't have anything. and he had his hands up in front of him and of course if you see that, that's not a push, that's a hit like an nfl linebacker on the sideline. that's just absolutely unnecessary. >> what is your husband's prognosis? he's been in in comave er since. what are the doctors telling you abt iouerths e a wiow,es is there an opportunity for progress, is there any sign that
8:37 am
they see that he might recover from this? >> no. all the doctors that we have spoken to and the neurologists are all told us that the injuries to his brain are going to be permanent brain damage and that he will live that way and have to be taken care of 24 hours a day for the rest of his life. >> why are you suing them? >> i want to be able to bring my husband home and take care of him at our house in a more familiar environment and just make sure that he gets the best care that he deserves. >> thank you you both both for e time to be with us here this morning. >> announcer: this this portion of "the early show" is sponsored by the florida department of citrus, florida orange juice, healthy, pure and simple. this morning on our series
8:38 am
early fall fashion extravaganza, a look at the hot new boots and hand bags. joining us is elyse logan, editor-at-large of lucky magazine. you brought a lot of stuff, but if you had to give us just one must have boots and one must have bag for fall, what would it be? >> this fall i'll be investing in a lady like purse and some ankle boots, but at lucky, we're really known for our shoe and bag guides where we look at every option and boil it down to the very best. there is something for everyone. >> we have three trends. this one is sort of retro. >> yes, this is a take the big bow to the '40s, very glamorous and you sigh the short hammed purses which i think is a great bag. but if you're shopping strategically, you need to to figure out whether you can handle that or whether you need something that whether fit over your jacket. and the shoes, you can wear them with tights. so they take you well into fall. and then sort of a classic
8:39 am
platform pump. really beautiful, really elegant. >> i see these trap straps everywhere. >> yes, huge for fall. it length thens out your legs. >> a as we see with our model. that look came together. the short straps and sandals with tights. >> and figure revealing but also very demure. >> you look great. thank you. trend number two, julie and i are cheering because we still have these from the '80s. and they're back. >> yes, great it hold on to things. you never know when you'll see them again. this is a sort '80s look. we're not talking about shoulder pads here, just like an oversized envelope clutch. again, in this economy, a lot of designers are really trying to be versatile and to be innovative, so you're seeing a lot of bags that can work in multiple ways. had is big enough to work for the day, also great for night. and these are also holding -- it
8:40 am
folds over and you can have a two this one bag. a great in-est havement piece. and then the over the knee boot, i know it's a tire guying idea -- >> do you have to be tall? >> no, absolutely not. look at the heel on that. it lengthens out anyone's leg. but you do need to wear something fitted in the legs. you don't want to add too much extra volume. that particular pair is you said $200. a great price. definitely something worse trying on. and if that's too much, the wedge booty, you you can wear it with tights, pantds. >> and with jean, you recommend very tight fitting jeans? >> something at least you can tuck in. >> thank you. >> and the last look is rugged and tough. >> and sort of amounts edge of motorcycle. and what we're seeing is sort of these bucket bags and also a backpack. >> these are back. >> yeah. and i love the backpack. your hands are free if you're shopping on a saturday, free to go through the racks.
8:41 am
>> and then we see these lace, lady-like boots, almost victorian. and michelle is wearing a look from head to toe, we sort 6 went all out, but you don't have to, to you can pair the leather vest with sort of a long dress or boots with a little bit more sweet and feminine. >> would you combine these trends? >> oh, sure. i really think that you can sort of -- as long as you keep some styling tricks in mind, you can wear something that's more '40s and more feminine with something that's a little tough. sometimes it's not not to -- you don't want to be to costumey. so mix it up. >> is there anything you say don't do it? >> i think you can make almost anything work for you. anything in modder race. and tons of tricks in lucky magazine. we love shoes and bags. we could talk about them endlessly. >> yes, we could. thank you.
8:42 am
we'll put up all those tips on our website, as well. early news daumt. back over to you, harry. all right. thanks. anne graham lotz is the daughter of billy graham and the award winning author of nine books. her latest is called "the magnificent obsession." and anne graham lotz is with us in the studio this morning. good to see you. >> thank you. >> first things first. how is your dad? >> i think he's doing very well. i was with him a couple weeks ago go and he has a hard time hearing and seeing and walking, but he'll be 91 this fall. so you expect a you few of those issues. bus his mind is clear and he's gentle and loving. >> i know he watches this is show from time to time. thank you for that update. it's very interested because you've written this book, and it's based on about abraham. why him of all the characters in the bib snell. >> because he sort of changed my life. he became my mentor 33 years ago and i was studying genesis and
8:43 am
read his story and its he like he jumped off the pages of the bible into my life and one reason is because he had a stirring in his heart, yearning for something more than what he was experiencing and god said if you'll follow me in a life of obedience, i'll bless you. so he packed up and left everything to follow god in a life of faith. at the end of his life, he knew god a relationship god described as a friendship and i thought right then and there, i want in a to be my life's goal. >> here is my question for you. as the daughter of billy graham, that's got to be a blessing in one sense and another sense was it also very much a challenge for you? i wouldn't say a curse, but was it that much more difficult? >> i think it balanced. there were blessings and allenges. but one thing i had to come to grips with was i had to have a relationship with god for myself. i couldn't ride on my mother and father's coattails.
8:44 am
and that's what abraham did. he's the patriarch of judaism, islam and christianity, but he wasn't a religious man. he pursued a personal relationship with god. and that's what i want. >> he was also -- god kept saying i'm the salt of the earth, the lights and stars in the sky, you'll be the sea of this nation and everything else. wife can't have a kid. complicated. this is not an easy story. >> well, it's wonderful because he took god at his word when there was no reason except that god a had given him his word, so he just put his faith down in god's promise to him and in the end of course god fulfills his promise, but after abraham's life time. so at the end of his life, he didn't have really what god promised him except he had a relationship with god. so today when i think of people that they're sick of everything, maybe they've lost a job or relocating, abraham discovered god was everywhere he went and that god saw him through, that god is the god of second
8:45 am
chances. i love his stories of failure and making a mess of things. he was into the perfect. but he went back to god and would pick up and go forward. >> and of course the most challenging story of all is when he asks him that you have to sacrifice your own son. sglnd and god didn't want his son dead on the altar, he wanted abraham's willingness to give him everything. so that was his most precious possession. >> and you think that's the answer to the question of faith, whether or not you believe your willingness to just give it all over? >> i think that is a good part of it, but i think at that point abraham had been pursuing good for 40 years. so he's developed a relationship and he trusted god. and so he believed that if you sacrifice him, that god would raise him from the dead. that's how sure he was in his word. so he moou god and could give him everything. and i want my relationship with god like that, too.
8:46 am
>> anne graham lotz, a pleasure to see you. it to read an excerpt from the book, go to our website, up next, we'll teach you how toul ♪
8:47 am
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h when it comes to feeding a rowdy crowd like this, this chef is the master. every year he open as wine bar on the u.s. tennis open which started yesterday. >> and we had the big gala opening dinner last night and there's so much great food at the u.s. open. it's fantastic food. >> so you're literally going to seven thousands and thousands of people, but you've got some ideas here this morning that we
8:49 am
can use in our own house, simple things, great ingredients that will make people happy. >> it's about wine bar food and wine bar food cooking. there's no chef involved in wine bars. it's simple. >> the trick is keep it simple. >> keep it simple. tomatoes right now, unbelievable. so do the old spanish trip, rub the bread with the tomato, put a little bit of ham and cheese. how many ingredients so far, three, right? >> four if you count the bread. >> extra virgin olive oil. a little drizzle of that. >> and are you done. >> cut that right in half for you. >> any tomato, any cheese is this. >> no bologna. >> tomatoes that are grown locally, that kind of it stuff. it's all really wonderful.
8:50 am
and then we have this idea called the mozzarella bar where we have different kinds of mozzarella. we have a regular cow's milk, and we have these little smoked mozzarella. and the idea is just to sort of combine and give everyone is taste of the mozzarella. so we put it together on the plate right here. we have a slice and it's just about ingredients. simple. this comes flown in, packed in water. don't be afraid of the water. so delicious, right? >> can you dress that up a little bit? >> look at that. a little bit of salami. here we have some zuchini from the farmer's market that we smashed up with some oil.
8:51 am
a little bit of sea salt. you can add fresh tomato if you want. >> it's all about the olive oil. really great. >> simple. mozzarella bar. a little sample of just about everything. >> this little sandwich was so good. you just smeared the tomato on there. a little bit of ham. loved the cheese. >> the younger the better really. and spiaggia celebrating our anniversary this year. we're orlando than a lot of the cooks that are around. >> that's great. what's this bad boy is th? >> that's another salad we're serving, hearts of palm, fresh artichokes and cheese and again a drizzle of olive oil. a lot of different cheeses. we have a cheese cave that we age our cheeses in.
8:52 am
>> absolutely perfect. thank you so much. >> over the years people come back year after year after year after the u.s. open. they're really looking for you. >> they're looking for the wine bar now. and we have great wines, too. we have barbera, and we have a white pino, all go really well with all these. not difficult food, doesn't require a chef, just a smart shopper. >> well, you can recreate this at your home. for more on the great recipes, go to our web sites, early this is a piece of cake are right? >> i have to pass on all the great wine. >> when are you due, october -- >> 4th. one more month. >> oh, my gosh. >> have a great day, everybody.
8:53 am
guys remember,
8:54 am
we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean
8:55 am
breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. we are live at the channel 9 information center. i'm meteorologist kim martucci keeping you company on a tuesday. and we are off to a really nice start. some high pressure from canada decided to take us south of the border and visit us to wrap up the summer season. bringing us the sunshine and the northeasterly winds and certainly lower humidity. you felt that this morning. our moisture is well to our south and east off the coast of the u.s., and that's where it will stay for a couple of days. 611 our temperature. gaitherburg you have 57. 64 by the bay.
8:56 am
high temperatures climbing back in the 70s. right where we were yesterday. that means 77 for woodbridge and 75 winchester. let's find out from traffic kris how things are shaping up. good morning. >> not so well. we have a bunch of accidents that just popped up recently. first on the bw parkway going southbound an skin at route 325 is jammed all the way back up to route 100. northbound an accident at 198. moving over to 50 westbound an accident at 301 and then at 301 northbound at grovesnor bridge an accident is blocking two left lanes there. going to the cameras, 270 southbound an accident at i-370 has cleared. after this an accident at middle brook that is blocking the right lane. jammed to the scene. and then finally fisher road is closed due to an earlier pedestrian accident there. >> thank you so much. seven-day forecast is up. we are good to go today, tomorrow and thursday. we will be back in the 80s by
8:57 am
then. right after the kickoff the weekend we will watch the system off the southeast coast try to sneak in a shower on friday. saturday and sunday are looking good. i will explain the rest of the forecast next for the 9:00 a.m. show. did you know that 75% of growing kids
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